Rachael Kneeland

In 2010, I joined the team at Van Oorschot Law Group where I work as a paralegal.

Ever since my very busy days as a child actor in television and on Broadway, I’ve been a life long-learner and a history buff who prefers the History Channel over traditional TV fare. After giving birth to my son, Ethan, in 2006, I joined a small Los Angeles based Internet startup called PlanJam where I was in charge of all daily business operations. In 2009, I went to work at The Law Offices of Janian & Associates as a sales and service client representative.

In my current role here I feel that my acting skills have come in handy. Acting taught me empathy and the ability to feel what its like to be someone else or to walk in their shoes. Many of our clients are going through a very difficult, personal time. I really enjoy working closely with them and helping them through it all.