Rachael Kneeland

In 2010, Rachael joined the team at the Law Offices of Marlo Van Oorschot, APLC.  Rachael works as the firm’s receptionist and office assistant.

After working as an Actress for over 15 years, with varying degrees of involvement, on over 20 projects ranging from Independent and Studio films to Network Television, Rachael transitioned her life and career.

After giving birth to her son Ethan in 2006, Rachael joined a small Los Angeles based internet startup called PlanJam where she worked as an administrative assistant and was in charge of all daily business operations.

In 2009, Rachael went to work at The Law Offices of Janian & Associates as a loan sales and service client representative.

At the Law Offices of Marlo Van Oorschot, APLC Rachael continues to expand her client and office responsibilities.